Restorative Justice Program (RJP)

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Cops 4 Causes RJP is seeking to take our model of community bridging and expand it to include facilitating programs for inmates determined to change themselves and their children’s future. Cops 4 Causes believes that incarcerated members of society are key players to fundamental changes in gang cultures.

The current suppression, intervention and prevention model does little to turn the tide of the disenfranchised, discounted, and disconnected community members. These communities are hotbeds for gang activity, youth recruitment and gang violence that leads to further aggression and hatred towards law enforcement. Today more than ever, the gang-lifestyle has become a culture passed from one generation to the next and the invisible casualties are our youth and families that are terrorized by gang violence. Cops 4 Causes seeks your support to help stop the cycle of violence.

Click the button above to donate to the Restorative Justice Program — and help support programs that encourage inmates to help stop the cycle of gang violence.

Cops 4 Causes RJP seeks to engage the inmate population, starting in Los Angeles County, by extending an opportunity to help raise money for programs that will help continue to fund educational programs for youth.

You can help by supporting the Cops 4 Causes Restorative Justice Program by making a tax-deductible donation to this worthy cause.