LASD Initiative

fallen-heroes-sheriff-badgeCops 4 Causes in association with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), has partnered to create a holistic program to support the families of Law Enforcement Officers killed/gravely disabled in the line of Duty.  This initiative was begun in response to Cops 4 Causes Honorary Board Chairman, Retired Sheriff Lee Baca’s desire to assist the families of fallen heroes who suffer emotionally and financially over time as a result of an in the line of duty death.  We pride ourselves on the premise that law enforcement is family, and we are always the most generous people when a member of our family is in need.  However, there are times when some of our families fall through the cracks.  Cops 4 Causes is committed to ensuring the ultimate sacrifice made by our brothers and sisters is not forgotten and that our law enforcement family honors their memory by protecting what matters most— their families.

fallen-heroes-kidsIn addition to launching the largest grass-roots fund raising endeavor undertaken by the LASD family, Cops 4 Causes has created a support network for families of fallen officers.  Additionally, we have extended this network of care to help law enforcement member’s immediate family members who are affected by life-altering circumstances.  Our family support focuses on:

  • Long-term financial planning:

    • After the death of a Law Enforcement Officer, Cops 4 Causes will provide a financial consultation (free of charge) to the families of our fallen brothers and sisters that will assist them in accounting and developing a long-term financial strategy for the family.
  • Counseling Services:

    • For members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Family, Employee Support Services offers counseling services to the family members our fallen brothers and sisters leave behind.
  • Ongoing Support:

    • Our collective goal for the family is a sustainable emotional and financial recovery.

In order to assist our Law Enforcement families of fallen heroes in the future, Retired Sheriff Lee Baca is encouraging every member of the LASD family to make a tax-deductible donation of just $10. The donation link below will allow our LASD family to join this effort.

To donate to your units LASD Initative fund simply click and find your division and unit of assignment and sign up to become a supporter, today.


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