Cops 4 Causes International Cop X-Change: El Salvador

Cops 4 Causes is leading the team of international players that include the United States Peace Corps, USAID, Living Waters for the World, Rotary International, Stove Team International, Trees People Water, to aid in the sustainable development of Cuyuiscat. The project is unique in its mission to impact the lives of those most affected by life-altering circumstances in the developing world. In a community-wide effort to mitigate preventable disease, injury, and negative environmental impact, Cops 4 Causes is sponsoring this effort via the International Cop X-CHANGE program.

el-salvador-stoveOver 87 families have attended a week-long seminar sponsored by Cops 4 Causes that covered topics most close to Salvadoran life: family nutrition, basic hygiene, alternatives to corporal punishment, domestic violence, immigration and family life, substance abuse, woman’s health, STD and sex education. Seminars were taught by local health professionals, local law enforcement, and in-country NGO’s with the aim of creating community awareness. Families who continue to successfully complete the seminar are rewarded with one Ecocina stove produced by Stove Team International.

Click the button above to donate to the International Cop X-Change El Salvador — and help provide life-changing education and safer stoves to Salvadorans in need.

Your one-time donation of just $40 guarantees one family’s enrollment in the seminar along with one Ecocina upon their completion and a chance at healthier living. Your donation guarantees a family access to vital information, and the opportunity to participate as a community.

As a $40 benefactor you will receive an informational package and photograph of the family whose lives you have changed. Please become an international hero today.


Left to right: An old, unsafe stove; a new, healthier and environmentally-friendly stove; children help with a tree planting.



Left to right: Cops 4 Causes president Chris Landavazo; a representative from state senator Gilbert Cedillo’s office; USC EML cohort two Charlene Dimas-Peinado; El Salvador Consul General Hector Hugo Herrera; Salvadorean community leader Isabel Cardenas; Cops 4 Causes board member Victor Davalos; USC EML cohort two Irma Becerra; USC EML cohort two Moises Cisneros; Cops 4 Causes board member Jonathan Pinto.