Cops 4 Causes International Cop X-CHANGE

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Today more than ever, the world needs people who can make decisions and solve complex issues and problems that create life altering circumstances. Cops 4 Causes believes there is no group of professional better equipped to meet these challenges than the men and women who make split-second life and death decisions every day. Our organization seeks to harness the problem solving abilities of these brave, dedicated and caring public servants and to provide them with an opportunity to share these talents with other law enforcement agencies both here at home and internationally.

Cops 4 Causes is embarking on a global mission of uniting cops and communities via the development of our new International Cop X-CHANGE program. With your help, we are establishing funding to facilitate a one month X-Change program of U.S. cops with cops from around the world. The goal of this program is to solve problems that cause life-altering circumstances, promote the use of best law enforcement practices of Community Oriented Policing, and to spread Cops 4 Causes’ unique style of connecting cops and communities through charitable events, outreach and giving campaigns.

You can help by giving today. Your contribution will help us to build a better, brighter, and safer tomorrow for the world to share. Thank you.

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